woensdag 29 december 2010

Hair like Sarah Jessica Parker

This way you get succeed in your hair with a hair straightener:

1 First you have to put a producyt in your hair to protect against hot styling moves
2 Make three/four braids of your hole hair. The thicker the braid will get coarser.
3 Move the hair straightener slowly from the top of your braid to the down.
4 For a perfect result, you must have a few hours waiting. But it doesn't necessarily.
5 Then! Get your fingers like a cromb trough your hair and spray hairspray on your wavy hair for ectra hold.
6 If you wish to keep some steep lure like Jessica Parker on the picture, then you shouldn't keep all locks braid.
Use never a curling iron or hairstraightener in damp hair, then it burns and it can break easilier.
Good luck!
des mAdames