dinsdag 28 februari 2012


My inspiration for this look have been India and his differences between rich and poor people, marriages, a Chanel fashion show and although it's a world of difference: the Ottoman empire and his sultans and harem.

आनंद लें.

First Look
Top - Zara
Black Top - H&M
Black Short - H&M
Shoes - Van Haren
Scarf (worn as skirt) - Vero Moda
Ring - Six
Bracelet - Mango

Second Look
Top - Zara
Pants -River Island
Scarf - Tschibo
Clutch Bag - Market
Coat - V&D

woensdag 28 december 2011


Might you felt it coming, might not... but mermaids will be our newest inspiration next season. Think of pastelcolors, loose clothes, transparant scarves, accesoires in the shape of shells or fishes, glitters and long wavy hear.

The Looks

Pants - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Nailpolish - Topshop
Skirt - pinterest.com
Coat - romwe.com
Clutch - Accessorize
Purple Bandeau - Topshop

Blue shoes - polyvore.com
Grey shoes - selfridges.com
Pants - Topshop
Nailpolish - Topshop
Fish bag - etsy.com
Earrings - barney.com
Shirt with black glitters - musthaves.dk
Silver shirt - harveynichols.com
Sunglasses - coggies.com

The Hair
Mermaids have long wavy hair. You can create mermaidhair by yourself by making breads in it or by using products that makes your hair look like coming out of the sea. And if you go to the limit you can paint it to the tips lighter. Short hair? Try the 'for hair that never grows past a certaint length-mask' from Lee Stafford.

zondag 13 november 2011

New Model - Julia van Os

Maybe you have seen her in MTV Moneymakers or in the Cosmogirl, maybe not. But Julia van Os is young, talented, beautiful and is rocking the fashionworld. Except she didn't accept me on Facebook...

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011


This winter you will see a lot of glitter, short boots, tight pants and dark metal colors, like bordeaux, silver, gray and black. But don't forget the soft pulls or you will catch a cold. Match a pull with a metallic legging for the ultimate fashionlook. Don't forget! Bordeaux pants are a must this winter. Keep the hair and the make-up simple and put the finishing touch with a granny-look edge.

Outfit 1
Legging Primark
Pull New Look
Earrings market
Boots Zara
Ring Kruidvat

Outfit 2
Pull H&M
Bracelet market
Bordeaux pant New Look
Insect earringset (set of 6) H&M
Bag Sacha
Fake bird Action

Gros Bisous!

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011


When I watch this show, I think of extravagant dreams about mermaids lost in a world of Chanel and I wish it was spring. It is the most beautiful decor that I have ever seen, except the previous show from Chanel (FALL-WINTER 2011/12 HAUTE COUTURE) à mon dire. But the clothes are wonderful! They're looking so light, so soft, so fresh, so sweet like a fairytale about mermaids. I see a lot of pastelcolors (my favorites), white and lot of feathers, plumes, beads and silver shoes. Also I see beautiful faces like Anaïs Pouliot, one of my favourite models.

The invitation

Beautiful that mint-green dress with those shoes!

It has something of a boarding school girl who likes birds

Stundy and also chic , but haven't I seen a shirt like that this summer in the H&M?

This is like a mix of Marilyn Monroe with silver shoes and a rich businesswoman with a Chanel suit.

Chanel ;-)

Like a ballerina with a very expensive Chanel blazer.

Very pretty with those colors.

Anaïs Pouliot is prettier than the dress, but the meermaid-decorations on the dress are cool.
It has something of a bird...

Classy Chanel