vrijdag 14 oktober 2011


When I watch this show, I think of extravagant dreams about mermaids lost in a world of Chanel and I wish it was spring. It is the most beautiful decor that I have ever seen, except the previous show from Chanel (FALL-WINTER 2011/12 HAUTE COUTURE) à mon dire. But the clothes are wonderful! They're looking so light, so soft, so fresh, so sweet like a fairytale about mermaids. I see a lot of pastelcolors (my favorites), white and lot of feathers, plumes, beads and silver shoes. Also I see beautiful faces like Anaïs Pouliot, one of my favourite models.

The invitation

Beautiful that mint-green dress with those shoes!

It has something of a boarding school girl who likes birds

Stundy and also chic , but haven't I seen a shirt like that this summer in the H&M?

This is like a mix of Marilyn Monroe with silver shoes and a rich businesswoman with a Chanel suit.

Chanel ;-)

Like a ballerina with a very expensive Chanel blazer.

Very pretty with those colors.

Anaïs Pouliot is prettier than the dress, but the meermaid-decorations on the dress are cool.
It has something of a bird...

Classy Chanel

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